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Hellow Readers, Today In This Post I’ll Go To Giving You Information About Those Sites Who Will Able To tech Your foreign Languages.

I Know The Learning Of Another language is how difficult. But When you need to learn those Language that Is Related to Your jobs And Empliymentship. Then You Are finding the Sources For Learn the Languages.

The more languages ​​you get, the better you will have new opportunities in these areas. Not everyone has the chance to go to a language training center either because of time or for any other reason. We offer you 5 excellent language learning sites.

Top 5 sites to teach foreign languages ​​onlin

In This Article, I mention Those Site who Will Not Teach your Motherland languages but, These Site Will Provide You To Learn Or teach all Other Languages. More than one language at a time. Learning languages ​​is not as easy as it seems.

1- Lingq site

The Nice And first Property Of his Website is, There All The Teachers Are Available For teaching Especially English Classes. The second feature relates to the way it is taught. The website’s founder, Steve Kaufman, confirms that he has mastered 10 languages ​​in the way Lingq offers.
Then you will be referred to the lessons where you will listen to the texts you see written in front of you (read and listen together) The words you take in your experiences will appear for the first time in blue, and after you know them you will paint in the next lessons in white. If the word is ambiguous, you can color it yellow so you can focus on it in the following lessons so you can correct it and remove it from the list yourself.
The idea of ​​the site depends on learning through repeated listening, you can download lessons on your mobile phone in MP3 format, and you can download the site application that is compatible with your smartphone operating system.
For more information, you can see the simplified definition provided by the founder of the site

2- Duolingo site

The section provides a free learning service for six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Start your journey on the site as usual and then choose how to start. Either start with the basics or take a test to determine the level. This Website Will Provide You to All the Educational Skills That You need related to the Different Languages. Each language is under each set of lessons.
This Site Structure for learning is Like a game, for Easy understanding All the Languages.
The site launched educational applications for different smartphones with interactive features, you can download the app for the Android operating system.

3- My language

Site feature that provides a dedicated language teaching Arabic speakers interface, the section provides education more than 36 languages ​​and dialects of different skills and different audio translation, dictionaries, words, games, interactive exercises, and other lessons.
The Site vision is very Simple And Peaceful not More Graphical Work On their main. This Website is Able To teach the 200+ Languages at a Time.
The location is free and completely free. You can go to it.

4- Busuu site

This Website is Give’s You the opportunity Learning the 12 Differ languages. Like English, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, etc. Even less prevailing, such as the language of the Busuu, which is rumored to 8 people just in the world can speak their languages.
This site Also gives you To Learn the VocabularyFor Improving the All Languages. Someone who speaks the language you want to learn practices followed by listening and then the final test on the lesson.
The site also offers Motivational Lecture And All Those things that are value Able For Your Learning career.
The site offers some additional features for the paid membership, but the benefits of free membership are more than enough. The site also provides a smartphone app on Apple’s store here.
And on Google Play.

5- Italki site

It is an online social network whose goal is to learn languages. In this community, you can cooperate with other people who want to learn your mother tongue. These Websites Are Doing help You To Learn Those languages That you Are Not Know, And Gives The opportunity Of learning in Different Playing
You can ask questions or answer others. Friends can also be sought and conversed with to develop your language skills and other social features.

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