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Special Education

Special Education (Special Education) is a type of educational and academic means that helps children with learning difficulties or special needs to access educational materials in ways appropriate to their health and psychological status.

Search for Special Education

Special education

Special education is also defined as a study pattern Participates in the development of educational programs that respond to the individual needs of students who do not have the psychological, mental or physical ability to participate in regular classes.

Special education objectives

Diagnosis of mental and mental conditions in children with particular situations, and the development of educational and educational programs to help them qualify and develop their abilities.
Prepare teaching methods that help students understand the subjects correctly.
The use of educational and technological means, which contribute to increasing the interaction of students with special needs with the subject matter.
Taking into consideration the differences between students by distributing them to a group of classes, and this helps them to learn quickly.
Ensure that all opportunities are available to suit the students’ abilities, and promote the development, development of their talents and skills.

Special Education Fields

Special education is concerned with the study of educational areas related to the state of health, psychological and children, and the most important of these areas:

Individual vulnerability:

It is the child’s suffering of a disability that affects him completely, the first part such as suffering from hearing impairment.


It is the presence of a barrier that impedes or prevents the child from living a normal life, such as the inability to concentrate.

Special status:

A characteristic that refers to an increase or decrease in a range of influences on a child’s personality, such as having the ability to perform mathematical operations in a fast manner or suffering from the inability to speak correctly.

Principles of Special Education

The application of special education in specialized educational institutions depends on many policies, including:
Connecting children with special needs to their environment.
Provide educational and educational institutions close to traditional institutions, and help to motivate children to adapt to the individuals around them.
Stimulate the role of a specialist or a special educator in guiding children’s behavior correctly.
Attention to children an early age, which helps them to acquire the appropriate skills in a short period.

Particular education strategies Academic integration:

It is a kind of approach that depends on the application of the idea of ​​having children with special needs with ordinary children, measuring their interaction together, studying the nature of the performance of children with special needs and determining their understanding of the subject.

Difficulty in the application in some schools, because ordinary students are not accepted for students with special needs, and also for the failure of regular teachers well qualified to deal with this class of students, which need special educators in special education.
Social integration:

It is a strategy aimed at activating the role of students with special needs with the surrounding society, especially after receiving adequate education or graduating from university. It depends on the need to provide jobs and professions commensurate with their health and psychological condition, Successful in their community.

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