Scholarship in Canada

Scholarship in Canada

A Bachelor’s degree from the Canadian College of Humber is designed to give students an opportunity to study baccalaureate in Canada.During the year 2019, a partially funded grant that partially covers the costs of college education

Scholarship in Canada

Establishment of the College

Humber College was founded in 1967, a college located in the Canadian city of Ontario, and funding for the college is based on government in Toronto.

About 56,000 full-time students are enrolled in the college, and some 25,000 students are enrolled at the university.

The Humber College of Canada has three campuses, the Humber North Campus, the Lakshur Lagoon, and the Amberburg Humber campus.

Humber College Specializations

You can study in the college in many disciplines including:

  • Human Resource Management.
  • animation.
  • Digital Business Management and Communications.
  • Fashion Management.
  • International Development.
  • Accounting.
  • Journalism and some other disciplines.
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts.
  • Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Bachelor of Interior Design.
  • Bachelor of Public Relations.
  • Bachelor in Child and Youth Care.

Countries eligible to apply for grants

  1. The Egyptian Arabic Republic.
  2. Libya.
  3. Morocco, West, sunset.
  4. Iraq.
  5. Jordan.
  6. Kuwait.
  7. Lebanon.
  8. Saudi.
  9. Island of the Moon.
  10. To whom.
  11. Somalia.
  12. Bahrain.
  13. Syria.
  14. Mauritania.
  15. Tunisia.
  16. Sultanate of Oman.
  17. Kuwait.
  18. The United Arab Emirates.
  19. Diameter.
  20. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  21. Algeria.
  22. Djibouti.
Scholarship in Canada
Scholarship in Canada

Conditions for applying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Canadian Humber College

The conditions for applying for scholarships are not many and are as follows,

1. The applicant must hold at least one high school certificate.

2 – to have a certificate of proficiency in English.

3 – to provide an incentive letter showing the student desire to study at this university and the desire to receive this grant.

4 – The applicant must have academic excellence.

The financial value of the Humber University scholarship

You can find out about the financial value of the grants and some information about the financial terms for renewing grants through this page

Application for the Humber Grant

Applicants who apply for a scholarship should first apply to the Humber College through link bellow in this page.

After that, the college will send the applicant the details required to apply for the grants in addition to the acceptance letter

The university’s course is an electronic speech, and after the arrival of the speech, the student must do

Submit the application form sent by the College with the letter of admission to the University of Humber, Canada.

Apply in the first semester

The first semester will begin for those who wish to study at the College in September, and the date

The last to apply for a scholarship this semester, is the seventeenth of May of 2019, note that there are other classes.

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