Overview: University of the Fraser Valley

In this article’ we will take a detailed overlook of the University of the Fraser Valley. (UFV) is the Canadian public university. And operates branches in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hob, and Aggies.

University of the Fraser Valley

Overview: University of the Fraser Valley
Overview: University of the Fraser Valley


The University is studying more than 100 courses in more than 30 fields of study, such as accounting and graphic design.
The University offers more than 75 overseas courses, providing students with an opportunity to learn in another country as part of the course requirements. Students benefit from strengthening their CV as international citizens, distinguishing themselves from other graduates. There is an opportunity for students to learn about different cultures and to meet new friends.

The university encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities. There are more than 60 clubs and student societies, such as sports clubs and special groups. New students are welcomed during the Orientation Day for new students, an opportunity for new students to learn about the campus and its facilities, participate in activities, and meet new friends.

Students receive many support services during university studies, such as International Center services, financial information, confidential counseling, and additional assistance for students with disabilities. There is also a supportive learning group for students who want to study with other people, and to increase their knowledge with the help of trainee students.

University students are ready to work in various jobs, especially after taking advantage of the services of the Career Support Center. Students can discuss CV writing and cover letter with the Career Support Center trainers. candidates can search for information about future job fairs and coaching opportunities.

Recently occurred

Coast Capital Savings, the largest credit union in Canada, has awarded the University $ 50,000 Canadian to help increase student success.
This support reinforces the role of the PRLC, which implements the isotope support model in its activities, benefiting all university students.

The Center provides students with a homogenous and secure environment that includes all the resources needed by university students.
“Coast Capital Savings is committed to building a future for young people in all communities by investing in partnerships such as this with Fraser Valley,” said Wendy Lachance, Director, Community Leadership, Coast Capital Savings. “A good effort has been made to achieve this goal.

The Leadership and Resource Center (PRLC) helps build a generation of leaders who can provide support services to their fellow students to cope with the stresses of life while studying at the university. “
“At Fraser Valley University, we are pleased to continue to offer new ways to support students to achieve the desired success,” said Joanne McLean,

President of the University of Fraser Valley, and based on documented data, Isotope Support activities help students learn and develop their personal skills. (PRLC), we have been able to implement transfer and student support services that promote joint collaboration at the University and help community sponsors such as Coast Capital Savings support the University to become the incubator for a comprehensive vision that ensures students’ success. “

quality of education

Academic Excellence

The University adopts excellence in teaching and research, following the highest standards in place to serve students. The university teachers focus on teaching and teach students the highest possible quality. There is an opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct research, attend conferences, and publish articles, more than any other university. Students are prepared for higher education.

Student Satisfaction

According to a survey which conducted by the Canadian Universities Association and the British Columbia Baccalaureate Survey, 98% of university students expressed their satisfaction with their education at the university, and 99% expressed appreciation with the quality of education.


Fraser Valley University is an accredited public university, the first university to receive quality assurance in British Columbia. At the national level, the University has been a member of Canadian universities, formerly known as the Association of Universities and the Colleges of Canada, a university that is studying university programs and has recognized local credentials. The Chinese Ministry of Education also recognizes the university.


college of Literature

The Faculty of Arts focuses on practical and theoretical education in its programs, through its programs available through the Internet, possible opportunities, international educational partnerships, and others.

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers many programs that are recognized by reasonable application standards, advanced educational technology and focus on students in their educational process. Health authorities choose university graduates based on their broad knowledge, critical thinking, practical skills, and professional application.

College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies has been consists of the Department of Commerce, Social Service, Human Services, and some other departments and programs, such as teacher education, adult education, navigation, childhood studies, youth, and the family.

College of Science

The Faculty of Science studies many fields, such as biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, natural geography, and engineering.

College of Graduate Studies

The Graduate School studies certificate programs in Child Life, Community Health, Education and Teaching based on Intellectual Awakening, Evaluation Programs, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, and Master of Social Work.

Students can choose to study: Agriculture, Arts: Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Commerce, Professional Studies, Computer Information Systems, General Studies, Science, Commerce and Technology, and Health Sciences.

International students usually choose navigation, business administration, computer science, data analysis, economics, computer information systems, motion science, and science.

College of Applied and Technical Studies

The College of Applied and Technical Studies is studying many diploma and diploma programs that meet the needs of the labor market. These programs cover a broad range of technical areas, such as automation, robotics, and metal welding.

Admission Requirements

International students should send the following to the Admissions and Registration Department:

High School certificate

A high school diploma equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma (12). Students must send official awards.

English proficiency

English is the language of study at the university. Therefore, students must demonstrate ability in English before enrolling at the university. Students can send one of the following approved tests:
IELTS 6.5 so that no skill is less than 6.0.
Internet service – minimum 88, with no less than 20 skills (code 9736).
English BC 12-C + or higher.
If a student completes an English language program outside the university, he or she must submit the official grade or official test score. The test center should send the certificate directly to the university. The University does not accept the old language certificate, which is more than two years old, as proof of English proficiency.
Read more about admission requirements here …
See the full list of English Language Acceptance Requirements, Qualified Studies, Foundation Programs, and English Language Studies.

English Studies (ELS)

If a student wants to develop English language skills for a post or pursue university studies, he or she can take advantage of UUP options designed for this purpose.
If the student is a full-time international student, the University offers the Intensive English Program, which includes several levels, such as the average, pre-university level, with the opportunity to study the university’s programs at their highest level.

Funding and scholarships

Grant admission to international undergraduate students
The University offers 15 admission grants of CAD 1000 to the top 10 international students from recognized educational institutions with a cumulative average of 3.33 (B +).
Scholarships are awarded in the tuition form fees. And are awarded in the second semester of the study at the university.

Scholarship for international high school students

The University grants a grant of 1000 Canadian dollars to the best 4 international public secondary students who wish to study in the University, provided that the student receives an equivalent of the British Columbia Diploma with a cumulative total of 3.33 (B +) in all secondary subjects.

Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students

The top two international university students, who have a significant academic achievement, with a minimum cumulative average of 3.67 in their course, receive a $ 1,000 Canadian grant.

Other Educational Grants

The University offers many scholarships for current students:

Scholarships for international students

An international student with a cumulative average of 3.0 is eligible for financial assistance, the value of which varies each year based on the importance of charitable financial support.

MIZO TOMINAGA Charity Grant for International Students

International volunteer students and their leaders in the community or the university receive a grant, the value of which varies each year based on the importance of charitable financial support.

Student Services

The University offers many services to help students achieve academic success and to adapt to Canadian life:

International University Office

The International University Office provides multilingual support services, program information, accommodation, academic guidance, student permits, medical insurance, etc. to students,

Directing international students

There are many special events for new international students, where students learn basic things to live in Canada, how to succeed in college, and to meet new friends as well.

Academic Success Center

The Center’s teachers provide student support services in writing and are happy to develop personal learning strategies. Students can benefit from special education, workshops, online resources, and academic support.

Statistics and Mathematics Center

Students can help solve math or math problems or gain additional insights into mathematics.

Academic counseling for international students

If the student wants educational assistance and study planning, an international student guide can be used to help develop a study plan.

Career Support Center

Students can take advantage of Career Support Center services and programs to write CVs and acquire new information.

Counseling services

University counselors help students learn new ways to deal with personal problems, improve mental health, well-being, and explore career choices through tools of assessment, self-reflection, intelligent study, and various study strategies.

Special Needs Services Center

The Center for Special Needs provides a supportive and valuable environment for students with disabilities and special needs. The Center supports diversity, the principles of equality, empathy, self-determination in access to education and success.

Center for Leadership and Resources

The Leadership and Resources Center helps students to search for information in a secure and comprehensive environment by identifying resources available to them and through individual support and guidance services. Students can benefit from academic, social and personal support services.

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