Not having money is not an obstacle between you and studying abroad. There are hundreds of scholarships that can cover your program’s expenses. Unfortunately, many students do not apply for scholarships. because they feel that their chances of winning the Scholarship are the same as their chances of winning the lottery.

7 Nice Tips For Getting Free Scholarship In 2019.

However, making a successful scholarship application form is not difficult. These are simple and effective secrets that can increase your chances of winning. Find Hot Course grants and achieve your dream.

The first secret: Scholarship

Although it seems obvious you will be surprised at the number of students who do not apply for student scholarships. Students who fail to apply for scholarships often convince themselves that doing so is a waste of time because they will not win it.
Unfortunately, many students follow this view and refrain from applying for the grant, leaving the opportunity for a few brave people who have progressed and their chances of winning the scholarship have doubled. Know and apply for scholarships at Sun Yee University, be brave.

SECOND SECRET: Increase your chances of winning

Apply to as many scholarships as possible. The more scholarships you apply, the better your chances of receiving the grant. Although this point also seems clear, most students only apply for 1-3 scholarships, believing that this number is sufficient to cover their study abroad. This way of thinking is a massive mistake as only a few scholarships can pay your tuition fees abroad completely.
To increase your chances of winning the number of scholarships, you need to apply to at least 10-20 scholarships. Give yourself 4-6 months of preparation to ensure that your progress is not just routine. Find your gift in America and win an experiment that will change your life.

Secret Three: Distinguish! Write about your own fingerprint.

Each of us has something that makes it unique and different from others. Whatever the thing that distinguishes you use it to formulate a capture application that gets the attention of the grant application reviewers. There is no any limit on the number of experiences you can mention to show your diversity and uniqueness. If you have some unique Experiences such as being a student of ethnic minorities or if you are the first member of your family to travel abroad, use these aspects of your background to support your application. By integrating these experiences into your application, you will gain a comparative advantage over the rest of your fellow applicants who did not, as you did because scholarship programs always seek to diversify among the recipients by giving them a scholarship.

Secret 4: Choose non-traditional places and critical languages

Another way to increase your chance to win a scholarship is to apply for study in non-traditional or critical languages. Many scholarship programs wish to provide scholarships to applicants who want to travel to desolate places where the more unusual you are, the more likely you are to receive your Scholarship.

For example, if you applied for a scholarship to study in London and another 100 students applied for this scholarship to study in London, your chances of winning the Scholarship are 1: 100. But if you plan to study in Vietnam and there are only five applicants in Vietnam, your chances of winning the scholarship are great. Look out for the universities of Ireland where the rich culture, beautiful scenery and Scholarships await you.

This principle also applies to grants for language studies. The more critical the language is (the more “critical” languages ​​you want, but the few students study) the more competitive you are. In some cases, studying a critical language is one of the main demands of the grant.
If the language which you want to study is not a critical language, you can still increase your chances of winning by choosing a non-traditional place to explore this language. Instead of studying French in France, choose another French-speaking country. Where your chances of competitiveness are greater, The same with Spanish. Instead of studying Spanish in Spain, your focus on Latin American countries will also increase your chances of success.
It should also bear in mind that obtaining private university scholarships may be more difficult than public universities.
Do not let yourself fall prey to depression, and do not allowed study expenses abroad ruin your dreams.

Fifth Secret: Show your personal value

Although you can apply freely for any scholarship, most grants are accompanied by some responsibilities. In most cases, That is a simple task such as sharing your experience studying abroad with other students. In other cases, applications may be more difficult, such as agreeing to do some community service work after you have earned your degree.
With these considerations in mind, look for the institution responsible for providing the grant and fill in your form of submission so that it places it in the context of your value and highlights how it will contribute to achieving their goals. You can visit the organization’s website and read the sections about “and” “mission statement” is a good thing you can start with. Use this information to formulate your article, career, and any other papers you fill. Visit the website of the Australian University of Waikato with a high degree of education and excellence.

Secret Six: Be creative


Innovation can help you win scholarships. Through your creativity, you can demonstrate your ability to excel and succeed more than any other applicants. You are impressed by the scholarship applicants who spend hours reading hundreds of unattractive forms. Make your form the form that will wake them up and raise their attention.
Do not rely on CVs, recommendation letters, and motivational messages on scholarship sites.
You can show your creativity across multiple forms. If the grant asks for a video to submit, make a video that is attached to the reviewers’ minds. The last thing you want to do, to open your laptop and start recording through your device’s camera. Make some effort. Take care of the lighting and improve the sound quality and add some music in the background.

If the grant requires writing an essay or a profile statement of your personality and goals, try to make them as close to you as possible. Narration in an innovative way and not just put answers to questions raised helps create images in the minds of reviewers. Try to use metaphors or to recite poetry or foreign cultures written in the language of the country you are applying to. A quote in Chinese, accompanied by an explanation linking it to the purpose of your article, can make miracles.
Learn how to look for a scholarship abroad

Secret Seven: Follow the rules

The biggest mistake many students make when applying for a Scholarship is not following the rules. Do you really want to be disqualified after all this time spent and the effort you made to win the grant? During each grant season, some students merely get out of the competition because they do not follow the rules. To ensure that they are not students who have not been successful.
Write down all the grant requirements below in a list. Check that you have met all conditions perfectly during your struggle to complete your form. Download study booklets for international universities and get your chance to travel abroad.
Paying attention to these rules will significantly increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

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